Music Producer Club

Our innovative education project that is aiming to transform the music education system one after school workshop at a time.
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Music Producer Club is our grassroots initiative that brings the joy of music production to the classroom or youth centre. We deliver high quality, music technology led workshops that connect to the genres young people love.

In the process, we nurture young people's talent and creativity, responding to their digital music making ambitions, while supporting their technical curiosity as they learn and grow. At the same time we're training the teachers and developing the next generation of 'producer educators'.

CDR began in 2002 as an artistic community for adults, road testing their work in progress music in clubs with amazing sound systems. But as the community grew, we increasingly saw the need and opportunity to support the next generation.

Despite it's influence on UK culture, Black music and electronic music are undervalued in music education today. As the Music Commission highlighted in 2019, there is a severe disconnect between current music teaching and the way in which young people engage with music and technology. At the same time, the music education workforce is really stretched, lacking in key music tech skills and is often unrepresentative of modern Britain.

We believe the CDR community, made up of producers with a passion for sharing their creative process, are perfectly placed to fill these gaps. That's why we started Music Producer Club.

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