Collaborating and working with CDR

We create immersive music making experiences for a wide range of partners.

From international festivals to local youth centres, we have the expertise, people and networks to inspire and educate any audience with interactive sessions that respond to their musical interests.


Who better to learn about music making from than musicians and producers themselves?

CDR offer that chance wherever we bring the full force of our community to any space. We can fill rooms with all sorts of music-making gear - from MPCs and analogue drum machines to digital audio workstations - and bring a group of specially trained producers along with us.

We excel at sharing insights into the music making process and supporting others to develop in and through the creative process, whatever their current knowledge skill level.


We pride ourselves in developing bespoke projects that respond to specific opportunities and needs.

Partners often ask us to produce immersive hands on production workshops and deliver specialist tutorials led by our highly trained Producer Educators. We also frequently get asked to organise special career & process focussed interviews and masterclasses with famous and emerging producers and artists, with our founder Tony Nwachukwu or one of our other specialist hosts on facilitation duties.
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