March 23, 2023
The Front Room, Croydon

Beginning his producer career 20 years ago, Benny Ill, is a multi-genre producer and DJ. Cutting his teeth as producer during the early dubstep days, under his other monikers, is one eighth of Horsepower Productions, half of Dub War and produces under the alias High Planes Drifter as well as iconic collaborations with DJ Hatcha, DJ Dinesh and Kode 9 for record label Tempa, alongside regular bookings at FWD. 

In 2002 the joint release “Fat Larry’s Skank / Tales From The Bass Side” on Tempa with Kode 9 and The Culprit, would be the beginning of the UK Garage sound moving towards Dubstep. Fast Forward to 2020 and his release “Who, Me? / Acre Lane Skank” on El-B’s GD4YA would remind us all why he’s a legend in the game. His sound reflects his long standing engagement with the London scene. There’s 2-Step, Techno, House, Reggae, Dub, Jungle, Funk and Soul, there aren’t many genres that Benny Ill hasn’t delved into. 

We’re back to where it all began, Croydon, for his artist talk at The Front Room for a deep dive in his career and creative process.

For those new to CDR, the Session includes an in-depth, production focused interview where we'll go deep on his career and creative process. Then, after the interview, there will be a chance for any aspiring producers in the audience to have their work in progress tracks played on the club soundsystem. 

Our events are for all music lovers, producers and non-producers alike. Anyone with an interest in music is welcome! For the producers attending, we run OpenCDR towards the end of each event where you can listen to your WIPs and receive feedback from the artist. 

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