CDR Sessions - 96 Back
July 27, 2022

For our next Manchester session we're joined by one of the UK's most exciting new dance producers; 96 Back! Following a prolific 2021 which saw him release one EP and two full-length projects, culminating in his critically acclaimed in Love Letters, Nine Through Six LP, the upcoming producer has just dropped Footnotes in Love, consisting of seven off-cuts from the time he was writing and recording Love Letters, Nine Through Six. We can't wait to have him chat to our host Poppy Roberts AKA P-Ro about his artist journey and creative process.

As is custom at CDR events, we will be running our open CDR session before and after the talk. If you have any musical works in progress that you want to hear played through a club sound system, upload them via the link below or bring them along on a USB.

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