CDR Sessions | Finn
February 10, 2022

Finn is a Manchester DJ & producer mining a rich vein of emotive dance records, regional club music and off-kilter classics. He’s built a loyal following over the past 7 years, producing a run of breakout hits and underground classics - from his debut ‘Keep Calling’ in 2014 through to his break-out hit ‘Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough’ in 2017. His own record label, 2 B REAL, has been going from strength to strength in recent years; awarded DJ Mag’s Breakthrough label of the year in 2020 following a slew of impressive projects from Anz, Gage, Michael J, Blood, Clemency & Martyn Bootyspoon. This year promises more material from Gage, Clemency, Martyn Bootyspoon, Tom Boogizm and some exciting new arrivals on the imprint. Finn joins us a the home of his A Party Called...residency and one of Manchester's most renowned venues; Soup, for a deep dive into his creative process.

For those new to CDR, the Session includes an in-depth, production focussed interview with Finn where we'll go deep on his career and creative process. Then, after the interview, there will be a chance for any aspiring producers in the audience to have their work in progress tracks played on the club soundsystem.

As is custom at CDR events, we will be running our open CDR session before and after the talk. If you have any musical works in progress that you want to hear played through a club sound system, upload them via the link below or bring them along on a USB.

Upload your submissions here:

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