CDR Sessions | Mr Mitch
August 20, 2020

Producer and DJ Mr. Mitch launched out from roots in instrumental grime, going on to create music that does not fit neatly within one particular genre, but is always defined by his personality.

As the founder of fast-rising record label Gobstopper Records and co-founder of the club night Boxed, Mr. Mitch is also a curator and auteur at the forefront of one of the most forward-thinking sounds in club culture, also encompassing ambient and experimental electronic music. Between his own music and the music he champions, he is a reliable incubator of a music scene dedicated to re-thinking and expanding what UK club music means.

Mr. Mitch will be in conversation with CDR founder Tony Nwachukwu, delving into his career, experiences of running a label and much more.

The session will be hosted live on our Facebook page and Youtube. We want the element of community connection felt at our regular CDR Sessions to be a big part of these online sessions too, so we encourage you all to get involved in the chat. We hope you’ll also meet some like-minded musicians and music fans and we will be selecting questions from the chat to pose to our guest.

The conversation will be followed by an Open CDR session filled with work-in-progress tracks from the CDR community, streamed across our channels also. Submit your track to be played on our livestream:

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