September 21, 2022

We're extremely excited to have one of the most formidable DJs, producers and promoters in modern drum & bass join us for our first Croydon session of 2022. As one of the co-founders of now legendary club nigh Rupture, Mantra has made a name for herself as one of the leading lights on the scene. The success of Rupture stands testament to Mantra’s hard work and commitment, and that of her partner Double O. Born of a desire to take it back to basics, Rupture has gone from strength to strength with original lineups that combine the best new DJs alongside some of the underground’s pioneers. Her unique and club ready productions have won her support from dBridge, Loxy, Storm and Flight amongst many other legendary figures, cementing herself as one of the most exciting artists in drum & bass.

For those new to CDR, the Session includes an in-depth, production focussed interview with Mantra where we'll go deep on her career and creative process. Then, after the interview, there will be a chance for any aspiring producers in the audience to have their work in progress tracks played on the club soundsystem.

As is custom at CDR events, we will be running our open CDR session before and after the talk. If you have any musical works in progress that you want to hear played through a club sound system, upload them via the link below or bring them along on a USB.

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