Iceboy Violet
March 29, 2023

Manchester’s Iceboy Violet, is part of a new generation of producers, rappers and performers refusing to be constrained by society’s ideals. Merging hip-hop with experimental dance music and their forte of writing catchy hooks that simultaneously make you bop and scream makes for passionate, gut wrenching listening. Their debut mixtape in 2022 “The Vanity Project'' featured the likes of Slikback, Blackhaine, Aya, Nick León, Space Afrika, Emily Glass and Mun Sing. A master of collaboration and constantly breaking new ground electronically, Iceboy Violet has spent the last 4 years since their debut album “MOOK” on TT perfecting their imperfect sound. 

We’re excited to welcome them to Soup Kitchen in Manchester for an exploration into their creative process. 

For those new to CDR, the Session includes an in-depth, production focused interview where we'll go deep on their career and creative process. Then, after the interview, there will be a chance for any aspiring producers in the audience to have their work in progress tracks played on the club soundsystem.

Our events are for all music lovers, producers and non-producers alike. Anyone with an interest in music is welcome! For the producers attending, we run OpenCDR towards the end of each event where you can listen to your WIPs and receive feedback from the artist. 

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