February 13, 2024
The Love Inn

We're delighted to welcome Om Unit, longtime CDR family member and one of the UK's most consistently exciting producers, to the Love Inn for a deep dive into his creative process and career.

With ten albums and countless other releases under his belt since first releasing as Om Unit in 2009,  Jim Coles musical output is as consistently boundary pushing and varied as it is consistent. From jungle and footwork releases on such esteemed labels as Metalheadz and Planet Mu, through to his self-released Acid Dub Studies, there is a treasure trove of music for us to get stuck into with him at the Love Inn.

For those new to CDR Sessions, the event centres on an in-depth, production focussed interview with the guest artist, exploring their career and creative process. Our events are for all music lovers, producers and non-producers alike. The talk is flanked by ‘OpenCDR’ - a DJ set of audience music submissions. This is a chance for music makers to:

Hear your own music on an amazing club sound system

Artists of all experience levels welcome

No restrictions - all genres & styles welcome

Bring your music at any stage of development - from rough idea to final master, and everything in between

Join a supportive community of artists & producers

Submit Your Track

Contribute your track to be heard during our work in progress DJ set.

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