CDR x Dimensions: Knowledge Arena

Creating safe spaces for people to experiment in a myriad ways of making music, learning along the way, has always been integral to CDR projects. Having hosted CDR Knowledge sessions in an assortment of locations, we took our take on workshops into a partnership with Dimensions Festival.
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Since 2014, the Knowledge Arena has become an annual component of Dimensions and Outlook Festival in Pula, Croatia. In addition to festival-goers being able to jam in their beach wear with the production gear available, artists who've sat with us to discuss their approaches to making music, DJing or other audio insights include George Clinton, Mala, Omar, Seven Davis Junior, Funkineven, Alexander Nut, Roman Flügel and Underground Resistance.

Writing from the Knowledge Arena at Dimensions in 2016, Geoffrey Chang enthused:

There was a wide mixture of people coming throughout the day, from the slightly more experienced producers through to the complete novice. And there always seems to be few beginners who just have the knack and natural talent for producing. This year a young couple who'd never produced before came and created a track from scratch on day one, saved their progress and came back each day to develop their ideas - the outcome of which was decent!

Closer to home, we set up a knowledge Arena at Sunfall Festival in Brockwell Park, London. A Knowledge Arena has also become part of our involvement with Strøm Festival (Copenhagen).

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