OneforCDR (Draft)



Ashnotketchup is a Producer and Artist based in London, releasing left-field bass music independently.

OneforCDR (Draft) was first heard at our Hagan event in London.

“I made this track in the morning of Hagan’s CDR at Corsica. It was a surprisingly quick session, but the main elements for it had been in my library for a few months. 

The initial idea – the squiggly resonant sound which plays throughout – is a generative Max/MSP patch I had made for an interactive dance performance earlier this year. It uses a set of LFO’s (and other max devices) to control an operator patch. I was trying to show a friend how it worked, and just ended up jamming out for a while. 

I’m really enjoying the simplicity and fun of making music in a room with people and loudspeakers! There’s only like 5 layers in the original Ableton file, and they’re all operator (other than the breaks). 

Working with synthesis is cool because you can mess with expectations of what something is, like: “this was a high-hat earlier, now it’s a chord, oh now it’s a bubble sound”. It forces you to arrange horizontally and timbral-y, rather than just layering unnecessary crud on top of itself. 

I built some basic drum ideas (also operator) then arranged and automated most of the track by triggering clips on the push. 

Then there are the big tempo changes at the end. I love the idea of ‘ladders’ in DJ sets – tracks like Jamie XX’s ‘idontknow’. These tunes almost become tools you can use to slyly change the tempo/energy of your set mid-song. These days, if I have a completely different beat on the same idea, I just chuck it in there, Madlib style. It’s nice to juxtapose two presentations of the same thing. “Get you a track which can do both” and all that, innit.”

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OneforCDR (Draft)


OneforCDR (Draft)

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