Barney Kass


Barney Kass is a producer based in London.

Opus was first heard at our I.JORDAN event in London at Corsica Studios.

“Opus started with a conversation with a friend about her eco-anxiety. I had been working with a DIY acoustic sensor which was turning noise pollution into data. My idea was to create a collaborative sonic experience that harmonised with the world surrounding me while remaining approachable to listeners. 

Drawing from the bioacoustic data collected from a flat near a busy train station, where the noise pollution had been affecting the resident's sleep. I used Max MSP to process this data as well as drums that I had composed and sent the data over OSC to Ableton. The notion of converting something as disruptive as noise pollution into music was meaningful to me. Using Ableton, I incorporated structure, textural nuances, and field recordings into the mix as well as my own musical input. 

I am inspired by artists like Daisuke Tanabe, Tor, and Daito Manabe. Their distinctive approaches to music—blending textures, transcending genres encompassing IDM, techno, Jungle, and Ambient while embracing a Fine Art sensibility—have helped shape how I make music. 

Opus was an experiment into what sound can do and how powerful it is. I wanted to transpose the everyday into art. 

Hearing the track on the Corsica sound system was exciting, especially to have other producers hear my work. It was great to get a sense of where the mix was and how the audience of CDR reacted to it. After hearing this, I had some notes to take back and tweak a few things. The reaction was great tho, felt strange seeing people taking a picture of the screen as my track played.”

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Barney Kass


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